You have permission to trust your dreams. 


 Spirit – the multi-named and unnamable energy of the universe – calls us to reawaken our connection to the whole and to dream bigger dreams for ourselves and one another.

Spirit, God, Source, Goddess, Energy, Divine, Nature… whatever we choose to call it, this is the aspect of our being that remembers that we are interconnected to all-that-is, to one another, and to the world around us.

Many of us have forgotten that we are part of a bigger picture and that our dreams matter. We forget that we are born to bring our gifts into the world and that they are needed.

In Spirit, we remember that while we have unique, individual experiences in the world, we are also connected and interdependent. We remember that when one person is oppressed, we are all oppressed. When one group of people is discriminated against, we are all impacted. Here we take responsibility for our role as a member of a wider tribe and see that our work is not only important, but vital in our changing times.

You have permission to offer your sacred work to the world.

Principles of Spirit


Spirit reminds us that we are not as separate as our minds might lead us to believe. We are inherently interdependent due to the fact that we live on the same planet. While it can be hard to see at times, what happens to others across the ocean does impact our collective consciousness and we are interconnected in the realm of Spirit.


Responsibility and Privilege:

How we live our lives matters. The decisions we make matter. What we support, are silent about, ignore, or prefer to see as “not mine” in terms of oppression and privilege, matter. In Spirit, we step into taking responsibility for the work we do in the world and what we say, do, think, and feel.


Conscious Dreaming:

We are responsible for dreaming the world into being. We listen deeply to what is needed for the highest good of all, listen to our own deep longings, and trace the threads from this place of intersection of the individual and the collective.


Spirit is Energetic:

Spirit does not adhere to traditional laws of gravity and cause-and-effect. Spirit adheres to greater universal principles of organization. For example, instead of jumping into action building a structure, we start by envisioning the blueprint of the school we want to build, the children we want to serve, and how this structure will support the community. We sense first into the energetic blueprint of our dreams and allow this to inform their coming into being in the physical world.


As Above So Below:

Spirit reminds us that what we project as being “outside” of us, is actually a reflection of ourselves. We are able to influence the world through our own inner work and we have a responsibility to do so.



Ultimately we can’t know what we are doing and don’t know anything so let’s relax, surrender, and have some fun…

So now what?

In this stage of the game, thinking of ourselves as silos operating only for our own self-interest becomes flat, dull, and disconnected. The realm of Spirit is where we feel the pull to step into our sacred work in the world, to be of service to not only ourselves, but for the collective.

When we are called to live a life of service, this does not mean martyrdom and self-sacrifice. Rather, this call to service requires deep self-care, grounded awareness, and embodiment. We don’t step into service only to get sick, burn out, or destroy what feeds us– relationships, play, rest.

Taking our seat as conscious co-creators means stepping into our sacred role in the world.

The first step in offering our sacred work in the world is taking our seat in being over doing.

Our sacred work is not outside of us or something that we magically create from our minds. Our work comes from a grounded place within ourselves and is asking to be birthed into the world. In this way, we are less “doing” our work than we are tending to it, cultivating it, and being shaped by what wants to happen through us.

No more martyrs. We are stepping out of the paradigm that if I am stressed enough, working hard enough, or busy enough, I’m doing something right. In Spirit, we remember that when we are nourished, fed, and supported, that we are much more equipped to be of service in our lives.

In remembering our connection to Spirit, we remember that cultivating ease, pleasure, and satisfaction is not frivolous. Rather, deep and consistent self-care is essential to allowing our work to be expressed in the world.

Rest, bathing, relationships, food, money, and sex are not distractions. They are ways we are cared for as humans and are prerequisites to being helpful in the world.


Sacred Work

What I offer are tools and experiences individually and in groups where we practice listening to the tugs of what is being asked of us by a force greater than ourselves. Together we will begin to use desire and resonance (what feels true) as internal guides to trace the lines of destiny wanting to emerge through you, not only for your individual life, but as a gift to generations to come.

Using ancient wisdom technology of divination, energy healing, and listening deeply to body, mind, soul, spirit, and nature, we can work together to move from a place of stuckness into expansion and clarity.

We don’t simply say “I want x, y, z” as though we are children in a toy store. Instead, we listen deeply to what is needed for the highest good of all, listen to our own deep longings, and trace the threads from this place of intersection of the individual and collective.