You have permission to embark on your epic journey.


Stepping into the realm of the soul asks us to be willing to trust our intuition, even when it doesn’t make sense. This is the realm of living our highest destinies, stepping out of the mundane and into the mythic. This is where life moves from black and white to Technicolor. This is where time bends and synchronicity abounds…

Soul is the part of our being that pulls us not through thinking or logic, rather through intuition, feeling, and cellular knowing. It is ancient, wise, and wild. It trusts the unseen. It knows. 

Learning how to track this particular frequency that pulls us forwards onto our epic journey is part of creating a life that feels real, meaningful, and empowered.

You have permission to go on your greatest adventure.

Principles of Soul

Soul is Non-Linear:

Instead of following the 1-2-3 process of rational thinking, Soul doesn’t care to follow such a predictable course. Soul often pulls us in directions that feel out of the way, off our main road, yet these seeming detours offer deep lessons we otherwise might have missed without its circuitous route.


Trusting the Unseen:

Soul journeys ask that we step into the realm of trusting what we can’t see, what we can’t explain, what we seem to know without knowing exactly how… This is an initiation to trusting the creative force of the universe within our cells– that which organizes the cycle of seasons and our bodies…that we can’t quite describe without poetry, art, dance, and song.


Descent Journey:

The Soul journey is a descent into the depths of mystery, paradox, and unknowing. We step into dreamtime to gather wisdom and guidance, we step into the darkness of night to receive, and we feel into our bodies, cells, blood, and bones to remember who we are, where we came from, and where we are being called to go.


Process Over Content:

This journey is more about being shaped by the journey rather than accumulating more information or knowledge. Soul school is not academic and not something we can then regurgitate to others. Our souls ask that we not mistake the content of our journeys for the process, in other words, don’t mistake what things look like for how they feel and what they are teaching us.


Sweetness as a Guide:

Soul guides us with sweetness– we can trust that what nourishes our hearts and bodies is a way forward. Our Souls don’t want the temporary high of getting all of our ego wants met. Soul wants sustaining, true nourishment and like the hummingbird that goes to the flowers that truly nourish it for their long journey, we can trust what brings us love, clarity, and connection as signposts on our path.


Soul is Unique:

If you don’t have a clear path on your Soul journey, you’re probably on the right path. You know your Soul is speaking when you’ve run out of external models for how to live your life. You know it’s your journey when no one has gone before you, making this your unique experience.


Perfect Timing:

Our Souls never call us too late or too early. The call of our Souls is always already on time and we can trust that what we need happens just as it should, when it should.

How do I know my Soul is calling?

Listening to our souls means listening to our bodies.

Our Soul is not some transcendent bubble in the sky. Rather our Souls speak through the pulse of life in our veins, the sensation of knowing in our belly, the pull to go on that adventure you’d never thought you’d take.

Our Soul speaks a different language, one of feeling and sensation.

Our Souls might sound like something someone said that piqued our interest and kept lingering as a shadow around our day… or through an unexpected tug to book that plane ticket… or through a deep, bodily longing for something to change…

Learning to listen to our Souls is a descent into the deepest parts of our psyches, our ancestral knowing, that lives in our cells and unfolds in perfect timing.

When we hear the call of our Soul, it is always a journey we are unprepared for. Our Souls don’t care if our lives are perfectly organized, meeting the needs of everyone around us, and seemingly “fine”. The call of our Soul often flies in the face of convenience and practicality. It can sound wild, impractical, or simply careless to the rational mind…and also deeply familiar.

The Soul might be a pull to deeper simplicity, ease, and pleasure.

The Soul might be a desire for connection, community, and tribe.

The Soul might be a knowing that something needs deep re-working in our families, work, and play.

Ultimately, the call of our Soul is a pull towards truth.

Answering the call of Soul is surrendering to the unknown.

The journey of the Soul asks that we trust ourselves deeply and uncompromisingly. It asks that we trust what is counter-cultural– a nonlinear path, the unknown, and magic in the unexpected.

This might look like accepting that an ending of a relationship is ready to happen, that a job needs to end, or even that the death of a loved one breaks our heart so it can open…

Answering the call of our Souls asks that we trust that our desires are our greatest guides even when the path is unclear…

…that what we desire is desiring us for reasons beyond our comprehension…

… and that our dreams are not too big.

Answering the call of Soul takes us into the depths of letting go of our plans and predictions and what we find in their place is adventure, meaning, and depth.