You have permission to feel the full range of who you are. 


It’s easy to think of our emotional experiences, our instincts, and intuition as irrelevant or overly-emotional in a world that tends to invalidate our subtle inner realms. It can be easy to think of our emotions as something to “overcome” or “push through”. Yet our felt experience of the world and how we relate to it is part and parcel of cultivating lives of meaning and fulfillment.

When life has been “fine” for so long it can be challenging to open to the possibility of change, of stepping into the unknown…In the midst of transition and turmoil, we might feel disoriented and confused. However, in these moments of not-knowing we have the option to step into possibility, into the realm of trusting that our emotions, dreams, and underlying desires hold immense wisdom and power for transformation.

You have permission to trust the full range of your emotions.

Principles of Mind

Emotions are Messengers:

While it’s common to want to “overcome” or “push through” challenging emotions, in doing this, we ignore the important and powerful messages held in our emotional experiences. Emotions are messengers directing us towards living a life that is more in line with our values, needs, and desires. They can be trusted.


Anxiety is a Signal:

Anxiety is often a signal of a deeper need that is not getting met. This important signal can evolve into a roadmap towards more effective self-care and meeting our deeper needs rather than simply a burden to overcome.


Thoughts are Tools:

While thoughts are seemingly fact-based, thoughts are not always true. Thoughts are helpful tools in creating a life we want to live, yet do not have to be believed at the cost of our self worth and efficacy in the world.


Body Wisdom:

Our bodies hold our memories, emotions, trauma, and are our source of deep healing. Our bodies know how to speak to us and do through tension, relaxation, tightness, pain, pleasure, ease…


No “fixing”:

We do not need to be “fixed”. Our emotional and mental experiences hold jewels of insight and healing that we can learn to access for growth and transformation rather than cure, alter, or push through.

Why go on this journey?

We don’t go into the realm of emotions, mind, and psyche to play or to stay there forever. We go on this healing journey to begin to fiercely trust our mind, body, and emotions the way a jaguar trusts her instincts in the darkness of the jungle. In this way, we learn to transform our wounds into our greatest insight and power.

We see how we continue to hold and replay patterns of thinking and behavior that are old, outdated, and ready to be transformed so their energy can be re-purposed for our next steps.

Our mental and emotional experiences are not parts of us that need to be “fixed” as much as they are portals to growth.

I believe it is impossible to receive too much validation of our emotional experiences in a world that can be so deeply invalidating to trusting emotions. This is in part due to the inundation of beliefs that emotions are too changeable, unpredictable, and unreliable.

So often we are sold the message that our emotions are “too big”, “out of control”, or simply irrational, that trusting ourselves can become complicated and fraught with confusion. Learning to trust our internal emotional landscape is part of learning to trust ourselves, our decisions, and stepping into a life of meaning.

We can trust that we can make decisions that are right for us. We can trust that even though emotions change, this does not mean they are irrational. We can trust that while this wisdom is often nonlinear, this does not make it less valid.

Depression, dissatisfaction, trauma, addiction, anxiety… all of these experiences can take us into the depths of darkness… they can be initiations into the shadows of life. And yet initiations lead to growth. Initiations show us how powerful we truly are. They show us what needs to be transformed and healed in order to live in a way that feels full and meaningful.

Often our deepest periods of growth are through our deepest challenges. Darkness is where seeds are planted, germinated, and begin to sprout. So too, we often find that our most significant wisdom is cultivated through initiations into the darkness of the unknown.

Work with me

I offer individual sessions focused on helping you chart a course through your emotional territory and to build a life that is fulfilling, pleasurable, and connected.

Through individual therapy and personal inquiry, we will listen to the messages of your body, mind, and soul in order to develop a strong foundation of self-trust and self-healing.

You don’t have to stay stuck forever and there is a way to live with ease and pleasure. Together we can determine what approach to healing is right for you. We will also discuss timing, goals, and landmarks so we know you are moving in the direction of your desires.

My belief is that our bodies hold our greatest wisdom and we heal in community so I use a body-based and relational approach to healing. My training in psychotherapy guides my work and I am trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT); Gestalt; Attachment, Regulation and Competency (ARC); Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) among many other trauma-informed modalities as well as shamanic energy healing.

Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation to explore working together.