Do you feel “crazy”?

Do you feel as though life isn’t feeling the way it should?

Do you worry that you’ve built a life that you don’t exactly want anymore? 


Well then… welcome to Womanhood. 


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Journey to Purpose: 7 Phases of the Feminine Soul Initiation

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Journey to Purpose is a guide for people who are accepting that there has to be something richer, more real, satisfying and connected in life than what we’ve been sold…Jobs that leave us underfed, the newest relationship, the trendiest workouts, and the latest technology are meager substitutes for what we hunger for on the deepest level of our being. 

7-phasesThis is an online map meant to be a support and resource for you as you navigate these turbulent and nourishing waters of being a human woman in the 21stCentury. In this guide you will be able to gather a sense of where you are in your journey and while our journeys are non-linear (you might skip and backpedal through some phases), there are themes that are reflected throughout mythology of the feminine psyche and that have been echoed to me through the hours and hours I’ve sat and listened to women who’ve been through this process as well.


Opening to this part of us that wakes up and says, “I don’t want this life I’ve built…” often seems to wreak havoc in our carefully constructed lives… and it can be deeply disturbing if we try to do this transformative work alone.


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