You have permission to live fully in your body. 


We live in a culture, in a time and place, in which feminine hunger, desire, and needs are at best misunderstood and at worst shamed and silenced. As a result, it’s easy to wake up one morning and feel as though we’ve been living on autopilot, thinking our way versus feeling our way through our lives.

We know how to listen to our bodies. This listening is intuitive and doesn’t need to be taught– it is remembered.

You have permission to trust your hunger.

Principles of Body

Compass to Truth:

Our bodies are wise and discerning. If heard, our bodies can direct us towards a life that feels good, full, and satisfying.


Hunger is Important:

Physical hunger is a vital human signal pointing us to our needs and desires. When numbed, more subtle hungers of soul and psyche are silenced.


Body Voice:

Our bodies have a voice and we can begin to hear them… not as another “to do”, but as a way of being in the world that feels true, grounded, and easy.


Full Spectrum Feeling:

When we allow all of our feelings—grief to anger to joy—we can begin to remember how to allow the full spectrum of who we are guide our lives.



Our bodies thrive under conditions that are safe, pleasurable, and grounding and it is our responsibility to create these conditions as much as possible.

How can I begin to reconnect and listen to my body?

  • When we cut of parts of our felt experience, whether through curbing our appetite, limiting our emotions, or attuning to other people’s feelings over our own, we diminish our ability to listen to our bodies as a compass we can trust to build a life that feels good.
  • Re-learning how to feel fully includes turning our attention back to our felt experience over and over again and sensing the present moment.
  • Movement is a powerful way to do this (see Qoya offering)—we can use movement to remember how to feel more fully and to orient to what feels true from the inside out.
  • Listening deeply requires tapping into our own reservoirs of discernment. We are sold health fads, diets, gender expectations, and beliefs about our sexuality as though we don’t know how to eat, feel, love, and move intuitively. This bombardment of messaging requires listening deeply to how our bodies respond to what we truly want and desire over what we are conditioned to accept as truth.
  • Listening deeply to our bodies often creates a life shake-up as we begin to question what we have believed is true. We might find that our bodies prefer a certain way of living, moving and working that is in stark contrast to our habitual ways of doing these things. Yet dedication to listening to our bodies comes with a payoff of feeling deeper and deeper alignment with our needs, desires, and goals.
  • We often need to repair trust that is damaged through years, generations, and eons of mistrust of our bodies and hunger. We repair trust in our bodies by mindfully feeling, listening, and responding to our needs with care and allowing what brings us pleasure. Pleasure is not self-indulgent extravagance (though at times it might look that way). Rather, pleasure is a way of orienting ourselves towards feeling at ease, safe, and cared for in a world that values stress and struggle.
  • Our bodies become reliable sources of wisdom and power when treated with care and gentleness. Our bodies simply want to know that we will eat when hungry, move when we have energy, and connect with others when we need to talk. It is completely possible to live, move, eat, and love in a way that is natural, easy, and uncomplicated.

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