Meet Kathryn


While we might feel alone, isolated, and confused in the midst of life circumstances and challenges, I offer permission to trust that life can feel good, that our instincts are trustworthy, and that our journeys are leading us towards our deepest desires… however winding the path may be. Together we remember how to access and trust our inherent wisdom, how to allow what brings us pleasure to be life-affirming, and how to connect with community knowing that we don’t do this alone.

Kathryn 2015 WEB-7My initiation into the realm of soul and psyche is one that is all too familiar. I grew up in a culture with confusing rhetoric around how to be a woman. I learned how to live in the world based on what was outside of me versus what  my body told me; I learned to be desired rather than to sense my own desire; and I learned that my intuitive,  nonlinear, feminine consciousness is best kept in the shadows of my psyche.

My journey required a fierce look at the deeper forces at play that even the most privileged cannot escape. The  cultural conditioning that I swallowed whole begged the questions of “How do I trust my body when feminine hunger  and appetite are reviled?” “How do I trust my intuition when it is dubbed irrational at best and crazy at worst?” “How  do I use my voice when I sense that my needs, opinions, and experiences are inconvenient for others?”

Eventually, the energy I used for years attempting to “manage” my emotions, body, and mind was channeled into a  stripping away of what no longer served me. These were my Kali years… I ended a long-term relationship, left a  secure, well-paying job, and moved across the country all while listening to a much quieter voice within rather than  the torrent of “shoulds” surrounding me.

This journey into the darkness and wisdom of my soul opened my intuitive, multi-dimensional senses and a deep questioning of the world I live in. I started to attune to my body’s incredibly accurate guidance system that I had dulled with the effective tools of food restriction, academics, unsatisfying relationships, and busy-ness…I began to spot un-truth which vibrates with the sound of self-doubt. As I began experimenting living from self-trust, I realized that what feels true and good and resonant tends to be the path to deeper levels of unfolding and magic in my life.

This experiment opened me to understanding that we are the embodied bridge between Heaven and Earth…that we are fully, messily human while also breathing and pulsing the invisible realms of spirit. It opened me to the necessity of living in a way that is revolutionary– trusting my hunger, my emotions, and responding with self-respect became my act of social resistance.

I have no doubt that this experiment of trusting the unknown is a necessary one– that my questions are necessary in our collective turning point of time of choosing more violence or less, of destroying the Earth or coming into right relationship with her, of enabling our own self-destruction or evolving.

My passion is to accompany people on their own healing journeys. While I have extensive education from some of the top universities in the US, I know that my most important and valuable medicine to offer is what I’ve grown through real-life experience. I am honored to help you grow your own medicine as you begin to listen to your own heart, soul, body, and psyche. I’m excited to take this journey together. Into the dark, into the questions, and into our bones as this is where I find Truth– curled up in the fertile, wild inner territory of our hearts and souls.


  • Pacifica Graduate Institute, PhD (in process) Depth Psychology and Jungian/Archetypal Studies; Carpinteria, CA
  • Columbia University, MSSW Clinical Social Work; NYC
  • Northwestern University, BA Art History; Evanston, IL
  • Bridging Soma and Soul: Somatic Trauma Training. Boulder, CO. 
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Intensive Training and Internship; Columbia University, NYC
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) Training; St. John’s University, NYC
  • Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) Training; Mt. Sinai Hospital Center, NYC
  • Gestalt Psychotherapy Training at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy, NYC
  • Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) Training, Boulder, CO
  • Four Winds Society, Light Body School for  Energy Healing
  • Qoya Teacher Training